Born in Montreal, Alexandre Masse spent most of his youth fascinated by sunglasses. After graduating from University, Alexandre started his career as a representative for an international retail company but quickly redirected his interest towards his initial passion. And so, in 2003, he acquired the rights to represent and distribute an European line of sunglasses.

Two years later, based on his firm belief that sunglasses were an indispensable fashion accessory, he decided to launch the Erlik brand and establish his own sunglass company. But this endeavor was not without its challenges; he strongly believed that in order to offer a high-end product, he needed the best suppliers in the industry.

After months of extensive research, Alexandre traveled to Milan. The city's reputation as an international design center made it a natural fit. Besides, Italy's savoir-faire and engineering techniques were and still are indisputable.

It took over 25 thorough visits and numerous exploratory meetings to finalize the supply chain and production teams. To strengthen the high-end positionning, he dedicated his entire first year of business to the development of custom made moulds. These initiatives combined with his distinctive Montreal based designs, have been a winning combination ever since.

Moreover, Alexandre wanted to offer something unique to sunglass lovers. He decided to reinvent hinges by taking sale ownership of a new technology allowing sunglasses to easily adjust to any kind of face. The final look was fashionable, sophisticated, and comfortable. In 2005, his debut collection was introduced to the Montreal market with critical acclaim.

Inspired by his love of oversized frames and unique shapes, each model is available in an away of exquisite and fashionable colours. Each frame utilizes the unique hinge technology to create a lucurious eyewear of unparalleled design.

Today, Erlik remains true to the high standards of quality, aesthetic and luxurious style that its founder envisionned and continues to be the only brand of sunglasses designed in Montreal and produced in Italy.